Comunicación en la empresa

Good communication between different departments of a company, is essential to achieve a succesful business. Employees and managers who do not know what is expected of them rarely exploit their full potential. Performance and productivity is linked to good communication.

Companies that communicate effectively, both within and outside them, are much more successful than companies that do not give the importance that communication deserves, leading themselves to lower levels of business. Effective communication can increase up to 20% of turnover.

#com.unic@, do it for you.

Comunicación en redes sociales

Communication through social networks, is essential in today's society.
Today, everyone from teenagers to elderly uses digital media, through social networks, we all communicate the things that are important to us and companies can not stay out of this reality.

Every company needs to be shown to the world, and the Internet is the world. Thanks to the "closeness" that is generated in social networks, we can offer our customers and friends, our products, news, developments and everything that we find interesting to share with them.

#Com.unic@ is ready for managing your networks, including content that will make your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ... has maximum visits.

Comunicación, publicidad en medios

Relations with the media are becoming increasingly important within companies, and every day are considered more necessary.

Creating a positive relationship with the media is one of the strategies that a company should take, to achieve greater returns on advertising campaigns. "A positive relationship with the media always creates a successful way forward".

Knowing the media, knowing how to work with all of them, creating material of interest, meeting your style requirements, meeting deadlines and knowing your audience, all are
fundamental parts "of the work of #com.unic@".



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