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"You have the product, we transform it for you"

We are the #comM·unic@·tors

#com.unic@, located at Playa San Juan in Alicante, Spain, is a creative design studio and communication "helper". We offer professional designs and communication services at affordable prices for small and large businesses looking to create an iconic brand and a memorable first impression. We turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for our clients,
now it's your turn to benefit from a contemporary and exclusive design at your fingertips.


we like what we do, and we do it well


Take advantage of our good prices, from 150 euros. We provide companies and professionals the opportunity to hire an effective team, we listen to your needs and work closely with you to ensure that together we achieve the objectives that your company or business deserves.


We know the media, we show you how to maximize your advertising campaigns. We manage internally and outside communication in your company or business.

#GraphicDesign & Branding

We love Branding, we help you to refresh, with a contemporary look, your brand, company or business, we make the most of your brand. We create the branding of your new products and projects. Tell us what you want, we will provide it.

  • #Comm·unic@·tion

    Do you have communication problems between the different departments of your company?, we know how to fix it

    Need help to promote your products, to network with other media or government bodies?, we do it for you.

  • #BeOnTheMove

    Challenge yourself!, your company or business should not hide, let everyone know you.

    "If you're not on the web, you do not exist", if no one knows you're there, nobody knows that you or your company or your brand or your products, exist. "#com·unic@ with the world ", now is the time to let everybody knows you.


Sit down & relax...

...we do it all for you

  • Amores a primera vista

    Creation of corporate website, updating content, creation and management of social networks.

    Eppo Cardelo

    Brand design, branding, creation of the artist's website, updating content, creation and management of social networks.


    Design of corporate brand, design of products labels, creation of corporate website, updating content.

  • Salvius

    Corporate brand design, branding, design of product labels, management of global media , creation of corporate web , updating web content, social networking management.


    Design of the Website, SEO .

    Qualitas Partners

    Design of corporate website, brand design, branding, global media.

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    X-File Whisky

    Web design, corporate brand design, creation of labels and packaging.


    7Q's de Quessery

    Label design, food and beverages packaging design.




    Web design, creation of corporate brand, graphic design, posters...

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    Design of refreshing beverages labels and corporate brand design.



    Web design, design of alcoholic beverages labels, corporate brand design.



    Graphic design, corporate brand, design of wine labels, global marketing.


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Playa San Juan - Alicante - Spain