Wine and art are two sensory delights born and created in the same way, with passion and love.


Labouring  with determination and passion to achieve the end result is both unique and authentic.


In this way  SalviuS "Premium Qualitas" evidences this philosophy with the quality of its wines reflecting modernity and the culture of the XXI Century. Thus, in partnership with Barcelona born  
artist Eppo Cardelo, we are pleased to present our delicious collection of wines,

along with a refreshing combination of modern art.

Our labels reflect the art of Eppo Cardelo it's inventiveness and passion and freshness 
hopefully complementing the wines they depict.

In the artists own words:


 "No sirve de nada solo imaginar, se ha de crear"
"It serves nothing to just imagine to create is to know"


Eppo Cardelo


SALVIUS  isn't only wine, SALVIUS is quality, it is art.